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Full text of "Dance concert program, 1998. School of Dance. Winter Dances 98. Thursday, December 17 at 7:00pm; Friday December 18 at 7:00pm at the Merriam Theater. The University of the Arts."

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Thursday, December 17 at 7:00 pm 
Friday, December 18 at 7:00 pm 
at the 


of the 

Guest Choreographers 

ALAN HINELINE danced natioiiiilly and internationally for many companies includ- 
ing, Dances. . . , Patrelle, Joyce Thisler Dance Company, Laura Dean Dancers and 
Musicians and Michael Mao Dance. In 1995, after creating numerous roles in a broad 
range of styles, he choreographed his first ballet, To The Eternity. Since then, he has 
received several commissions and growing recognition for his pristine, classically 
oriented works. 

MOSES PENDLETON received his BA in EngUsh literature from Dartmouth College 
in 1971 and co-founded Pilobolus Dance Theater in the same year In the 1970s 
Pilobolus won world-wide acclaim for its innovative blend of acrobatics and imagina- 
tion, including the Berhn Critics Prize in 1975. Pierre Cardin presented the group on 
Broadway in 1977. In 1979, he choreographed and performed in the Paris Opera's 
Integrale Eric Satie. Mr Pendleton began to work outside Pilobolus in 1980 when he 
choreographed the closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics at Lake Placid. He also 
performed his solo Momix at the Games, which became the name of the company he 
founded the following year. In addition to his work with MomLx, Pendleton h;us been 
active as choreographer and performer for numerous other companies including the 
Jofl^rey Ballet, Ballet de Nancy and Lina Wertmuller's production of Carmen with the 
Munich State Opera in 1993. 

Credits Production Director: Susan B. Glazer 
Production Associate: Ke\in Linehan 
Technicid Director/I.igliting Design: Jay Madara 
Sound: Timothy Crawford 
Stage Manager: Janette Howard Gillis 
Assistant Stage Manager: M.T. Rice-Whittaker 
Crew Ciiief: Bruce Pilarczyk 
Crew: Tiffany Brown, Erica Smith 

The University of the Arts 

'Dance challenges us to explore our boundaries and to 
celebrate our diversity, uniting people in a common 
expression ofhuma?iity. " 

- President Bill Clinton 

The School of Dance offers professional training leading 
to a four-year BFA degree in Ballet, Modem, or Jazz; or in 
Performance/Dance Education; or to a two-year Certificate. 
Our aspiring young artists are prepared to pursue careers in 
performance, teaching or choreography Former students of the 
School of Dance have gone on to perform with such prominent 
companies as Alvin Alley the Joffrey Ballet, Jose Limon, Bejart, 
Momix, Philadanco and Rod Rogers. They have also appeared 
in the Broadway productions of Evita, Cats, and Brigadoon. 
Alumni have become dance teachers in high schools, colleges, 
and private dance studios. Graduates have found numerous 
choreograpliic opportunities in companies throughout the world 
and several have estabhshed their own companies. The School 
of Dance, at The University of the Arts, is one of the largest dance 
departments in the United States. 

Thank you for sharing this evening with us, we hope you enjoy the 
performance. Tf)e tatiing of flash pljotograplis during tl}e performance 
is strictly prolnbited. nan/s you for your cooperation. 



Choreography: Alan Hinehne 
Staging: Barbara Sandonato 
Music: Antonin Dvorak 

Couples; Fang-Ju Chou and Jordan Burnett, Alexandria Corosanite and Melvin Clark, 
Adrienne Clark and Christopher Compton 

Ensemble: Aimee Biedermann, Beth DeVito, Julia Dzhanyan, Jeanette S. Fisher, 
Michele Pei-van, Danielle Rhoades, Rachael Wentz, April Whalen, 
Jasmine Aja Willoughby 


Choreography: Faye Snow 
Choreographer's Assistant: Jarrodd Beverly 
Music; Dinah Washington 
Costimies; Clyde Michael Hayes 
Lighting Design; Jay Madara 

Dancers: Jarrodd Beverly, Heather Bowman, Lori Brewer, Zahra L.M. Cai-penter, 
Ryan M. Donovan, Juha Dzhanyan, Jeanette S. Fisher, Warren B. Griffin III, 
Amanda Jo Harpold, Mehssa Kershner, Carin' Lenox, Tiihiv Price, Carl Sanders, 
Manft-ed Schaechde, Amy Wool 


Choreographer: Adrienne Hawkins 

Music: Art of Noise, Paul Horn, Miles Davis, Junior Vasquez 

I. What's the point 

II. Get to the point 

III. There is no point 

IV. That's the point 

Dancers: Travis Breen (all), Anthony R. Burrell (I, II), Corinne CaUari (I, III, FV), 
Stacy Charette (I,II, IV), Alicia Corcoran (I, III, IV), Tracy Drew (I, III, IV), 
Ahce Garrison (I, III, FV), Monique M. Haley (all), Stacina E. Hall (all), 
Damien Harris (II, IV), Dana Innaurato (I, III, IV), Jaime Kilker (I, III, IV), 
Cheryl Miller (I, III, FV), Phoebe E. Miller (aU), Lindsay Rowe (I, III, IV), 
Tara Simpson (I, III, FV), Marc C. Spaulding (all), Amber WeUs (I, III, IV) 


choreographer: Robb Sapienza 
Music: Alanis Morisette, Junior Vasquez 
Costumes: Robb Sapienza, Dancers 
Lighting Design: Jay Madara, Robb Sapienza 

Dancers: Travis Breen, Tara Christ, Desiree Cook, Ahcia Corcoran, Maiy DiMaria, 
Lauren Donohue, Rebecca Farrell, Paulette Hallenbeck, Nicole Harmon, Sara Herrera, 
Kristen Holstrom, Dana Innaurato, Elinor Johnston, Karen Kowalski, Amy Landman, 
Jae Lim, Cheryl Miller, Allison Modderno, Trish Morris, Dante Puleio, Marcela Rios, 
Zakia Robbins, Heather Sonon, Tiffany Staley, Maria Urrutia, Amber Wells 




Choreography; The Interarts Ensemble of the School of Dance directed by Manfred 
Music: Collage 
Lighting: Jay Madara 

Dancers: Mehssa Bessent, Anne Daly, Danielle DeVincenzo, Natahe Goldstein, 
Jane Gotch, Erinn Kelly, Stephanie Kiel, Nan-Shih Lee, Pei-Jung Lee, 
Meredith McGovem, Sara Mongeau, Karen Niceley, Liha Ortola, Maureen Sossi, 
Leshe Takonis, Amanda Wechter, Jennifer Weisenberg 


Choreography: Ronen Koresh 
Music: Eric Vincent 
Costumes: Clyde Michael Hayes 
Lighting: Jay Madara 

Dancers: Cesar Abreu, Kelly Ankney, DonieUe Bailey, FangJu Chou, Melvin Clark, 
Christopher Compton, Kathleen Conroy, Danielle DeVincenzo, Beth DeVito, 
Kimberly Gibson, Kevin Goodwine, Warren B. Griffin III, Erica Jones, Pei Jung Lee, 
Travis Mesman, Karen Niceley, Michael Tindal, Jessica Westnedge, Pi Chi Yang 

PASSION (1991) - excerpts 

Conceived & Directed by Moses Pendleton 

Choreography: Moses Pendleton 

Assistants: Karl Baumann, Kelly Holcombe, Cynthia Quinn, Beth Starosta, 

Rebecca Stenn 

Staging: Brian Sanders 

Music: Peter Gabriel: "Passion" - music from The Last Temptation of Christ , 

a fihn by Martin Scorsese 

Costumes: Kitty Ddy 

Lighting Design: Bruce Goldstein, Mitchell S. Levine & Moses Pendleton adapted by 

Jay Madara 

1. The Feehng Begins 

2. Gethsemane 

3. Of these, Hope 

4. Lazarus Raised 

5. Of These, Hope - Reprise 

6. Doubt 

7. A Different Drum 

Dancers: Jennifer Clutterbuck, Mikey Courtney, Lisa DiGiambattista, 

Tonya Heintzberger, Alejandro Jordan, Heather KeUy, Amy King, Christine Lotterer, 

Travis Mesman, Tara Pasquarello, Lesya Popil, Nichole Waugaman, Datjwan Woodland 



Choreography: Wayne St. David 
Music: Ella Fitzgerald 
Costumes: Clyde Michael Hayes 
Lighting and Set: Jay Madara 

Dancers: Michelle Boyle, Travis Breen, Anthony R. Burrell, Ingrid Carey, 
Meghan Carter, Tara Christ, Susan Ciarrocchi, Melvin Clark, Kathleen Conroy, 
Alexandria Corosanite, Kevin Goodwine, Tiffany Gordon, Brookehn Gottlieb, 
Warren B. Griffin III, Monique Haley Stacina HaU, Damien Harris, 
Tara Pasquarello, Rhea Patterson, Michelle Pervan, "Raluv Price, Marcela Rios, 
Heather Sonon, Marc Spaulding, Michael Tindal, Holly Van Hise 

School of Dance 

Siisiin B. Glazer, Director 

Kevin Linehan, Assistant Director 

M. T. Rice-Wliittaker, Secretary 


.Andrew Pap 
Barbara Sandonato 
Carol Liippescu Sklaroff 
Jon Sherman 
Suzanne Slenn 
Barbara Weisberger, 

Visiting Distinguished Guest 


Jazz/Theater Dance 

Peter Bertini 
Adrienne Hawkins 
Nancy Itintra 
Ronen Koresh 
Robb Sapienza 
Wayne St. David 

Modern Dance 

Ruth Andrien 
Gabriel Masson 
Joan Myers Brown, 

Visiting Distinguished 

Guest Ai'tist 
M;uifred Fischbeck 
Nancy Kantra 
Faye Snow 
Pat Thomas 

Tap Dance 

Robert Burden 
Joiui Lanning 
LaVaughn Robinson 

African Dance 

Jeanine Osayande 

Brazilian Dance 

Peter Bertini 

Dance Studies 

Conrad Bender, Theater 

Lisa Bardarson, Music for 
Dancers, Improvisation 
Peter Bertini, Dance Notation, 

Composition, Senior 

Annette DiMedio, Music Survey 
Manfred Fischbeck, 

Improvision, Composition 
Susan Glazer, Dance Education 
Terry Greenland, Voice 
Nancy Kantra, Yoga, Dance 

Neil Kutner, Theater Functions 
Catherine Livingston, Pilates 
Pearl Schaeffer, Pedagogy 
Leah Stein, Contact 

Ehse Tropea, Dance Therapy 
Connie Vandarakis, Anatomy, 

Kinesiology, Dance History 


Tom Baust 
Larissa Bell 
Hans Boman 
Jim Hamilton 
Saine Hsu 
Richard lannacone 

John Levis 
Tom Lowery 
Tim Motzer 
Daniele Piatelli 
Valentina Slutsky 


Clyde Michael Hayes 

Technical Director 

Jay Madara 

Visiting Committee on Dance 

Peter Sohnssen, President 
Virginia Red, Provost 
Stephen Jay, Dean, College of 
Performing Arts 

Mrs. Matthew T. Moore, Chair 

Diane Bass 

Joan Myers Brown 

Ruth Chalfin 

Edna Cohen 

Susan Glazer, School of Dance 

Esther Ghck 

Mrs. Alvin Gutman 

Kathryn Keeler 

Kevin Linehan, School of Diuice 

Donald MiUinger, Esquire 

Jeri Packniim 

Pearl Schaeffer 

BettyRuth Walter 

Spencer Wertheimer, Esquire